5 reasons why Xbox One Project Scorpio is better than the PS4 Neo

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5 reasons why Xbox One Project Scorpio is better than the PS4 Neo

Post by MR DX MarccaveX on Thu Jun 30, 2016 9:28 am

WE PUBLISHED a piece the other day about how the Xbox One S is "pointless". It caused all sorts of hoop-la on the internet, prompting a good many readers to call our work "full of shit", "rubbish" and even, with clever irony, "pointless", which is exactly what we accused the console of in the first place! Oh, you.

We were also accused of poor research, and a number of other things too rude to recount here. Thus, in the spirit of fair play to all the people we’ve upset, and in an attempt to move beyond #XboxOneSGate, here are 5 reasons why Microsoft’s Project Scorpio will definitely curb-stomp Sony's PlayStation Neo into the pavement.

No really, we mean it. We used a Gears of War reference there and everything. We're committed to this.

1. Scorpio has more teraflopsBasically, Scorpio is going to have six teraflops, while Neo will offer a hugely disappointing 4.14 teraflops. More teraflops obviously means better games. That's the science bit.

So a 6/10 game on the Scorpio will be only a 4.14/10 game on Neo. You can do the rest of the maths yourself.

It's going to be a disaster for games publishers on Neo who live by Metacritic (all of them, then).
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